5 Healthy Hempy Eats

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

During 2018, hemp became legal in the United States to grow and sell as the nonpsychoactive cousin to cannabis which can be used to make plastics, fuel cars, fiber for clothing, food and more to be discovered as time progresses. Hemp’s roots are able to regenerate poisoned soil, enrich plant nutrients and reduce soil erosion. The legislation was seeking alternatives to soybean and corn.

Nutiva came in with raw-shelled Hemp Hearts that can be sprinkled over salads, smoothies, and other dishes with the look, smell and texture of walnuts. Hemp hearts have high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which is great for cardiovascular, heart and blood sugar health. The cost is $15.

Barbecue, curry and chipotle lime flavors from Patagonia Provisions Organic Savory Seeds are a spicy mix of whole roasted hemp seeds, buckwheat, and lentils. The snacks are super filling and rich in healthy fatty acids, fiber, and protein. Cost $30.

The first hemp creamer is on the market, Elmhurst 1925 an alternative milk company has released several flavors of unsweetened and sweetened vegan and lactose-free products made from a base of hemp seeds and water. Cost $7.

Willie’s Remedy was created to support farmers in the local food system, which is where Willie Nelson provides much-needed assistance. Willie’s Remedy Loose Leaf black and green teas are infused with full-spectrum hemp oil, which contains CBD - cannabidiol for a relaxing, calming effect. Cost $32.

A New York-based organic farm, Hudson Hemp comprised of 9 small organic farms several of them led by women produce hemp oil with other plants like ginseng and yarrow into tinctures to bring recovery, focus, calm and balance.


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