Buffed and Baked

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

How to lose weight fast and feeling less strained after being baked while working out is a misnomer in itself. Baking and walking while vaping and yoga. It's a different way to approach exercise and keeping in shape both mind and body. Only do we see today a high possibility of those training around you are working out while high.

Many members of the THC Living Team have been getting baked and buffed for years with many coming out of the closet so they can share how they are staying in shape while staying high. Cannabis has incredible properties and many that still think it only creates 'munchie' side effects. It’s no longer the case and personally knowing how the combination of hemp and cannabis not only can keep insulin in check but also give you all the nutrients one would need when exerting themselves while getting buff. Cannabis is known to increase metabolic rates while at the same increasing oxygen intake with deeper and focused breathing while relaxing tense muscles from a stressful day.

Many sports athletes have been caught in the cross-hairs of public opinion especially through sports organizations such as Matt Every recent PGA golfer for utilizing cannabis for his well being. No one will forget the onslaught of scrutiny that came with Michael Phelps hitting a bong through a leaked pic.

If you work out while being high don’t worry you are not alone as research has shown 80% of surveyed cannabis users combined cannabis use and exercise. Another discovery was the same users also exercised significantly more than the average American. This study alone defeats the stereotype of what the typical “stoner” is thought of only experiencing the side effects of munchies or tearing into a bag of Doritos on the couch while gaming.

Now let’s talk about is this something that should be done is primarily based on enjoyment and recovering from a strenuous routine of exercise. In my experience, if one spends 2 hours on yoga who struggled with staying focused and being in a meditative posture for an extended period of time cannabis truly helped focus and clearing the mind of stressors of the day while relaxing the mind it also made stretching poses longer, less shaky and much lighter muscle tension. Indica strains help with yoga, planking, or pilates through focus while sativa strains are great for cardio and weightlifting where there is a need for burning energy and pushing the muscles for a longer length of time or higher number of reps.

Another aspect of cannabis use while exercising created greater amounts of motivating factors with more rewarding feelings. As we all know hemp and cannabis are great for pain relief with topicals that can be rubbed on specific muscles.

Working out high is definitely not for everyone and if you have just begun utilizing cannabis the side effects of cannabis can be thoroughly different from someone who has been utilizing it for over 10 years. In my experience with cannabis getting high and working out was not the option and deferred to only using hemp protein in my protein shakes before working out. Once the body accepts whole plant science both hemp, cannabis and a combination of other herbal ingredients as part of the regular regiment is when things really took shape with increased loss of fatty weight, increased muscle mass and higher metabolic rates.

If you have a heart condition that utilizing a sativa strain would be a bad idea to get high and work out as it could lead to abnormal heartbeats or if you suffer from heart disease or other types of cardiovascular conditions.

Cannabis is known to increase heart rate and blood pressure up to an hour after use. Once you become a regular user of cannabis, this may not be the case and it will stop affecting your heart rate after use.

There are common-sense reasons on why you wouldn’t use cannabis let’s say just before a competition where there will be a high level of exertion or a life and death type of competition requiring your mobility focus or quick responsiveness. Moderate use is the way to go in all things and everyone at THC Living gets Baked and Buffed on a regular basis.

THC Living in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its members and readers that cannabis usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state cannabis laws.


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