Cannabidiol Added to Your Health

During this holidays rather roasting your veggies in extra virgin olive oil and bake your corn muffins with vegetable oil, you might want to swap or supplement with CBD oil. New research has found that adding CBD oil to your diet will boost memory and fight dementia with its antioxidant properties.

Scientists have still not found a clear and direct start of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, although one potential explanation is the buildup of a protein called tau found in the brain. In pre-treatment research CBD is found to prevent the expression of the buildup of proteins tau phosphorylation.

When tau gathers into “tangles,” also known as tauopathies which interrupt communications in the neural network of the brain, leading to decreased brain functionalities and memory loss.

This specific information supports several studies that tout CBD oil for its disease-fighting capabilities. The antioxidant rich compound is known to prevent sun damage, decrease inflammation and support cardiovascular health.

If you would like to add this anti-aging healthy oil to your life simply pairing it with your vegetables, like tomatoes, basil and garlic, brings out its potent qualities. Whatever way you douse or drizzle, enjoy!

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