Cannabis at Holiday Parties

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Cannabis is becoming a major part of events whether it is a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday party. Cannabis bars are being picked in conjunction with alcohol for all sorts of parties from office parties to holiday parties from tech companies in Silicon Valley to Bud Tasting parties giving the whole atmosphere a sense of calm.

Recreational cannabis use in multiple states employees is more likely to see cannabis treated in the same way as alcohol. The big question will canna-connoisseurs be welcome with the same level of respect as those that can talk about a smooth whiskey.

Aspects of accommodating cannabis at a holiday party especially where you have employees are to not estrange staff who would like to legally partake while drinking a glass of champagne. In other cases where cannabis is part of your brand and the culture of the company where staff who are too heavily inebriated transportation is provided via Uber or Lyft to get them home or to a hotel safely.

One way to broaden and deepen the experience about cannabis is having multiple stations at your party where guests will be able to ask questions to budtenders who can help them be more educated about the various products that are being offered including someone rolling “cannabis cigars” or taking a breather on a dab rig.

Offering rolling stations throughout your party as well as designated areas to smoke helps with using cannabis free from stigma and socially more acceptable. Facilitating a party with cannabis will only promote the maturity of company culture while bringing a new level of calm and chill to an upbeat environment.

If edibles will be at the party with wine, beer or cocktails make sure all products are clearly labeled and have a brand ambassador explaining the effects of CBD or THC products. The key to this is informed consent and the guest understanding the psychoactive properties of THC which will only make your guests more cannabis literate.

Always with any cannabis “Start Slow and Go Low” as cannabis will have different effects on each guest. New users and experienced need to understand it is best to start slow and go low when it comes to dosage. Liability falls on the hosts of the party when guests are consuming cannabis and must ensure safety while being aware of over-indulgence. Also making sure there is plenty of water and food will keep guests hydrated and full.

Cannabis culture in the United States is changing in both private and public. Employers must stay aware of the same practices that apply to alcohol also apply to cannabis. Coordinating a party where cannabis is provided or encouraged through a (Bring Your Own Bud - BYOB) means all guests are 21 years of age or older, it is an invite-only party and the venue is a private setting.


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