Cannabis Takes Over Sleep Aid Market

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Many Americans suffer from insomnia, lack of sleep, and other sleep disorders. As cannabis users continue to grow many who have become avid users of cannabis have cited that their sleep issues have gotten better with more restful sleep, less stress and anxiety with the use of cannabis.

A study completed by the University of New Mexico discovered when cannabis users have access to cannabis there is a significant decrease in over-the-counter sales of sleep aids in select Colorado counties after looking at the sales data for OTC medication.

Indica Strains Best for Sleep

The cannabis industry has been promoting products that create better sleep habits especially indica strains that have a better effective rate to induce sleep and creates a sense of calm. The study showed that cannabis consumers preferred cannabis over OTC medicines. Researchers are pushing for the investigations of the side-effects of cannabis and its efficacies to better treat sleep disorders and harmful side effects.

Researchers also noted that sleep disorders are not usually cited as a qualifying medical condition in states that have approved medical cannabis.


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