Cannabis the Next Migraine Reliever

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Washington State University suggests that cannabis could be used to relieve migraine and headache pain. Based on research, inhaled cannabis reduced the pain between 47% to 50%. The study was published in the Journal of Pain which is the first to use cannabis usage data for headache and migraine patients in real-time.

In past year studies patients have had to recall the effect of cannabis use on their migraines and headaches. Through an app called Strainprint researchers were able to track the data patients provided when using medical cannabis.

Over 2,000 patients who accessed the app over 20,000 times for tracking their migraine and headache pain before and after inhaling cannabis. To be noted the study also found zero evidence of cannabis causing - overuse-headaches which tends to be a pitfall of today’s treatments making migraines and headaches more painful over time.

Research showed that patients were increasing their dosage of cannabis due to potentially building tolerance levels of cannabis.


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