Daily Cannabis Use Effective Alternative to Opioids

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Chronic pain has become the number one reason for opioid addiction which can be caused by all sorts of conditions from surgeries to cancer to diabetes. Many across the U.S. are now using cannabis as an alternative medicine choice to help reduce symptoms from chronic pain. Many patients across the country have described the herb “better painkiller” especially when taken in edible form.

Patients' experiences are now being corroborated by science with new research from the University of British Columbia who suggests that daily cannabis use could be an effective alternative to opioids for those suffering from chronic pain. Scientists interviewed over 1,200 patients who suffered from chronic pain between 2013 and 2017, found that those using cannabis daily were half as likely to utilize other illicit opioids compared to those who do not.

The evidence arrives on the heels of Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy and the dangers of opioids. This particular study compared individuals that were cannabis users to non-users.

Through the Cannabis Patient Relief - CPR Project, THC Living will be starting a program specifically to provide safe supplies of cannabis to residents through donations of edibles, dried flower and other types of extractions. The CPR Project is in the process of getting a business license to become a legal Public Benefit Enterprise.

Access to cannabis is crucial for chronic pain patients from veterans to boomers to seniors.


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