Fyllo: Paypal for Weed

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

A new Chicago MarTech startup called Fyllo just closed $18M after being in business for only eight months with another financing round happening in the early part of 2020.

Fyllo’s proprietary technology CannaBrain helps in navigating the variety of state and local laws that regulate cannabis advertising such as in Ohio where they don’t allow advertising in public. Fyllo’s technology sifts through data points to develop the right advertising campaign and helps publishers to develop and monetize compliant ads according to their website.

Fyllo has opened offices in Israel, Los Angeles, Denver, and New York City along with its Chicago location with satellite offices in Cleveland and Toronto. Fyllo currently employs 35 employees which will jump to 75 within the next few months. Many of the 35 employees come from tech-focused advertising and marketing firms such as Katie Ford who is Twitter’s Head of Global Brands in Chicago is a present board member at Fyllo.

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