Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Forbes 30 under 30 lists included founders of an Idaho business known as “Hempitecture”. Founders of Hempitecture, Matthew Mead and Tommy Gibbons built the first public-use architectural building made of hemp-based materials and hempcrete which improve insulation and absorbs CO2 emissions. The company is located in Ketchum, Idaho.

Matthew Mead serves as the zoning and planning commissioner in Ketchum while he works with engineers and architects to develop sustainable designs utilizing hemp.

Hempitecture was listed in the Manufacturing and Industry category where leaders are developing materials and methods for tomorrow.

Hempitecture’s website explains why they use hemp as a building construction material alternative as it is known to reduce energy costs, healthy for the environment, fireproof and provides better energy performance compared to other building construction products in use today.

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