Hives and CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming an increasingly popular compound in all kinds of skincare products from salves to beauty creams for a variety of skin conditions that cause inflammation. If one does a simple Google search CBD based products have been proven to be effective for acne, dry skin, rashes, bug bites, and hives. Hives are considered the worst experience which starts with itchy red welts requiring immediate relief. There is limited research on the effects of CBD in the treatment of hives although new knowledge and discovery are occurring every day.

CBD for the Inflammation of Skin

CBD has been known to benefit a wide variety of medical conditions especially its anti-inflammatory capabilities. In the Journal of Dermatological Science published in 2007 where they found when isolated CBD was placed on human skin cells, it stopped the overproduction of skin cells that tend to drive the cause of psoriasis. This does not mean that due to its therapeutic application for psoriasis does not make it evident for the treatment of hives.

CBD for Pain Relief as a Topical

The European Journal of Pain showed a study when a CBD topical was used on rats there was a significant reduction of inflammation and pain from arthritis although this study used very high doses of CBD which in turn would mean a human would need to be covered from head to toe applied topically.

Could CBD Treat Hives?

Currently, there are no in-depth studies on the effect of CBD whether taken topically or orally on hives. Products that claim to be able to treat hives with other skin conditions are likely just marketing “snake oil”. In the recent article from Clinics of Dermatology: “CBD has become a ‘trendy’ additive to skincare products” with limited regard to the safety and its efficacy.


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