Importation of Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp is Allowed in Brazil

Anvisa, the Brazilian pharmaceutical regulator has begun to approve regulations for the roll-out of medical cannabis-based products. Anvisa in a separate vote also blocked for the domestic cultivation of medical cannabis while a federal judge allowed for the cultivation of hemp.

Through these new regulations approved by Anvisa, it allows for the procedural development for importing and manufacturing medical cannabis products with the requirements for the supervisory role, prescriptive options, and sale.

Even though, the decision to disallow the cultivation of domestic cannabis displays to the world that it is not willing to join the likes of Colombia and Uruguay who have implemented a complete vertical medical cannabis sector.

An Anvisa spokesperson explained for those Brazilian companies that are interested in the production of medical cannabis products that are utilizing a substrate of cannabis should import a partially finished raw material excluding the cannabis plant.

Anvisa authorities will be publishing the rulings and regulations in Brazil’s official gazette during the next few weeks with the law taking into effect in 90 days. Anvisa will also be implementing specific regulations around marketing, packaging, import, sale, and manufacture of cannabis-based products.

The race for Brazil to receive low THC cannabis-based products have begun.

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