International News: Thailand Allows Home Grows of Medical Cannabis

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

In international news, Thailand will be allowing its citizens to grow six cannabis plants in their homes and allowing for the sale of home-grown cannabis to the Thailand government through is medical cannabis legalization efforts.

Thai officials in Bangkok are processing law changes quickly as they are expecting cannabis to be a major agricultural product in Thai resident households. Thai officials have also stated they are expecting families to be able to plant cannabis trees in their gardens like other agricultural plants.

Thailand’s historical push for home grow regulations have led to the largest, industrial medical cannabis facility built in Southeast Asia.

In September, Maejo University researchers planted over 12,000 new cannabis seedlings which were provided by Thailand’s government agency Department of Medical Service.

Government officials expect the plants to produce medical cannabis within six months. The GPO (Government Pharmaceutical Organization) hopes to harvest medical cannabis for ingredients in over one million bottles of cannabis oil containing 5 ml of cannabis by 2020.

It is expected Maejo University will become an epicenter where Thai citizens will learn how to grow high-quality cannabis. Thai citizens are expected to receive $2225 per sale of each cannabis plant sold to the government meaning households could earn up to $13,350 for the sale of all six plants. The average Thai salary weighs in at $8,200 per year on average making this a very lucrative potential for Thai citizens across the board.

One of the caveats to the program is that amateur cultivators may only produce low-grade medical cannabis products which would not reach the expectations of the GPO for medical-grade cannabis. Cultivators will need to take the time to learn how to properly care for their plants, including the necessary nutrients and lighting that the flower will require for medical-grade production.

Thai officials have projected that cannabis could become more lucrative than rice, rubber, tapioca, sugarcane and other produce that the nation’s economy is built on. With the entire world racing to capitalize and benefit from the plants' profitable and healing properties. Some up and coming competitors include Africa, Latin America and other parts of Asia.

Maejo University has reported that they have developed a medical cannabis strain with a 1:1 ratio of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) called “Issara”.

Thailand became the first country to legalize medical cannabis and kratom in Southeast Asia. At this time adult-use cannabis remains illegal with extensive punishments that could lead to imprisonment.

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