LEGO Moves to Hemp Plastic by 2030

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

LEGO has enacted the plan to change the material it uses to make toy bricks that are loved by children and adults all over the world. LEGO has been using acrylonitrile butadiene styrene - plastic resin. By 2030 they are going to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, a cost-effective product called hemp plastic.

The behemoth Danish company - LEGO - 57 years old was entirely built on plastic and now the company is investing millions for it to be replaced by hemp by 2030 - 60 billion blocks.

Hemp Plastic

Hemp is a cousin of cannabis which is primarily grown for very levels of THC and used for fiber. Hemp’s abilities can also be turned into a plastic material that is biodegradable with the added benefit of being more resistant than fiberglass.

Petroleum cellulose is the primary ingredient in 90% of the plastics made in the world today. Plastics would be made from organic plant materials like hemp as it has a high cellulose content of between 70% and 80% as per Hemp Plastics. Henry Ford used hemp plastics in building wings and car doors.

Hemp plastic is biodegradable unlike petroleum-based plastic water bottles could take an estimated 500 to 1000 years to biodegrade.

A company called Zeoform has been leading the way in the development of biodegradable hemp technologies. The company has developed a new robust type of hemp plastic that can be molded and injected into a variety of products including frisbees, straws and other types of furnishings. Companies like LEGO and Zeoform are leading the way in developing plant-based organic plastics. Virtually any shape can be developed and will need the United States to increase its farming of hemp.

LEGO is known to use over 6,000 tons of plastic for the making of their toy bricks since 1960 making it poisonous for the environment that will not be biodegradable. Hemp will be very ecological and cost less as an alternative material. Hemp is the choice for LEGO as it is not considered a primary food crop since it will be used to make toy bricks.


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