Matt Every Suspended by PGA Tour for Testing Positive for Cannabis

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Matt Every had just won on top ten on the PGA Tour this season making him part of the Top 250 in the world. Every was suspended by the PGA Tour for violating the code pertaining to “drugs of abuse.” Here is the official release from the PGA Tour:

“PGA Tour announced that Matt Every has been suspended for a period of 12 weeks for a violation of the PGA Tour Conduct Policy for drugs of abuse. He will be eligible to return on January 7, 2020.”

Each admitted to testing positive for cannabis through a legal prescription in the state of Florida and has been prescribed cannabis for a mental health condition by his doctor for 30 years.

Every also admitted that he did not agree with the decision due to his overall well-being while being excited for what lies ahead.


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