Medical Cannabis Patients will No Longer have to Pay Annual Fees in Mass.

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Medical cannabis patients living in Massachusetts will no longer be required to pay annual registration or renewal fees beginning in November as it has been a barrier to access issues for patients.

The Cannabis Control Commission during its review of medical use of marijuana regulations unanimously approved the elimination of the $50 annual fee. The Commission heard from patients about how the impact has caused a barrier to access while also understanding that this would lead to lost revenue from the fees before eliminating the fee.

The only fee that will be required is a $10 replacement fee for the medical cannabis card if it were lost or stolen.

With this barrier elimination and the stigma the fees carry for medical cannabis usage, there will be a higher number of Massachusetts residents who will be able to participate in the program on a broader scale making them part of the healthcare system and not outsiders.


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