Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Business

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

As moderation become the focus of the healthy living industry with the rise of sober consumers. With a new industry emerging cannabis firms are focusing in on this action. There are a few cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks in the process of developing drinks without alcohol selling alongside Pabst Blue Ribbon Non-Alcoholic.

Some cannabis drink companies - Reeb and Happy Apple that this is an easy fit for non-cannabis alcohol drinks especially since infused beers have difficulty working in many states that still have not changed their laws on cannabis making it highly regulated while expanding market share in non-cannabis states.

Companies like Cannabiniers has taken the proactive step in acquiring craft breweries across the United States. The sales of cannabis-infused drinks are increasing although they still remain low in comparison to the whole of the beverage industry. In Washington, Colorado and Nevada cannabis-infused drink sales came in under $20 million which is up 17% compared to a year earlier.

With the market developing companies like Blue Moon who developed a Ceria Brewing, a cannabis beer company which is a non-alcoholic, non-infused beverage line occurring this winter. Ceria’s focus is targeting cannabis consumers and beer drinkers with their non-infused Grainwave NA Belgian White Ale.

Grainwave NA Belgian White Ale is not a hard seltzer, rather a non-alcoholic beer that contains no more than .5% alcohol by volume. Large and small breweries are developing low to no alcohol products as a small contingency of healthy living consumers, primarily millennials move away from alcoholic beverages.

According to Beverage Marketer’s Insights have seen a spike of up to 20% this year alone due to direct sales from non-alcoholic brewers. Based on the overall industry non-alcoholic beer sales only represent .40% in the convenience sales channel.

Upcoming non-alcoholic beers are being enhanced with plant-derived terpenes like limonene and humulene with barley, hops, yeast, and water.

Laws have been slow in many states that have recreational access for social consumption eateries and tasting rooms what many cannabis companies are targeting.


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