Tax Dollars from Cannabis Sales Used for After-School Programs

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Cannabis sales expand across the United States as multiple states begin to look at recreational adult-use through benefits from fewer citizens in getting arrested, patients getting the help they need by coming off very bad side effects of pharmaceuticals like opioids, veterans gaining access to cannabis for anxiety, PTSD and depression and creating a new burgeoning economy. Many have forgotten the tax dollars that are collected from the sale of cannabis which can be used to help other programs in states across the country with property tax dollars not being enough to cover the expenditures needed to run basic functions.

Denver has become a city to follow its footsteps from helping the homeless to now assisting after-school programs. In 2018 Denver collected over $47 million in cannabis taxes, in turn, providing the Denver Afterschool Alliance $1.5 million yearly for summer and after-school educational programs, enhanced training for programs and assisted in poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

Colorado approved adult-use recreational cannabis for adults in 2012 while providing tax dollars to education which is now at 5.5% with the total cannabis tax rate for Denver at about 24%.


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