Top Dog and Cat Names are Inspired from Cannabis and Marvel

When it comes to naming our cats, dogs, and other random pets its time to start becoming more creative such as the ones found on for its Top 100 Names for Dogs and Cats. Of course, all the old names are ranking high with some new ones that were unexpected additions. reviews over a million pet names where they are able to uncover trends and cultural changes that inspire pet names.

The top names for females dogs are Luna, Bella, Lily, Daisy, and Lucy while the males were Buddy, Max, Charlie, Rocky, and Cooper.

When it came to female cats they were Kitty, Luna, Lily, Lucy, and Bella while males were Charlie, Milo, Oliver, Max, and Leo.

As we went scrolling down the list cannabis-themed names were discovered as Dank, Indica, Kush, Herb, and Budder.

Marvel-inspired names included Thanos, Black Widow, Nebula, Loki, Valkyrie, Thor, and Flash. Disney and Pixar were not far behind with names like Buzz Lightyear, Genie and Woody.


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