Top Ten Things to Know About the MORE Act

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

On November 20, 2019, the MORE - Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement - Act, a bipartisan bill headed to the full House for a vote with an approved recommendation from the committee.

The MORE Act would decriminalize cannabis with a renaming of “marijuana” to “cannabis” through all federal laws and specifically provide assistance to the large sector of people that have been imprisoned by authorities due to cannabis.

Below are the Top Ten things you should know about the MORE Act and how it will affect you:

  1. Decriminalize cannabis - Cannabis to be removed from the Schedule entirely. The removal of the word “marijuana” from the Controlled Substances Act and other federal laws that have created a prohibition of cannabis. Any changes made to the Controlled Substances Act would be retroactive which could lead to thousands of cannabis consumers released from prisons across the country. References to the word “marijuana” and “marihuana” are to be replaced with “cannabis”.

  2. Once it has been decriminalized cannabis is to be studied and the data of business owners, employees, and their consumers will be tracked by federal authorities.

  3. The imposition of a tax on cannabis products known as the Opportunity Trust Fund to create a reinvestment trust fund through the Small Business Administration with a 5% tax.

  4. Definition of cannabis products to not include cannabis ingredients in pharmacological products including hemp, stalks, and fiber from the cannabis plant.

  5. Cannabis items are to be treated as tobacco items pertaining to their laws.

  6. The creation of the Cannabis Justice Office created from the MORE Act headed up by a Director selected by the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Justice Programs with a full team of employees to assist in administering the “Community Reinvestment Grant Program.

  7. The development of the “Community Reinvestment Grant Program to help individuals that have been most impacted by the War on Drugs including programs such as job training, re-entry services, legal aid, expungement, youth recreation and more.

  8. The Small Business Administration would create two programs called the Cannabis Opportunity Program and the Equitable Licensing Grant Program to help develop equitable cannabis licensing programs targeting individuals who have been most impacted by the War on Drugs, especially those who had an income level below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level for 5 of the past 10 years and was arrested for the possession, sale, use, manufacture, cultivation, or distribution of cannabis.

  9. Loans to be provided to legal cannabis businesses and providers through the Small Business Administration.

  10. The ending of discrimination of federal public benefit on the use of cannabis especially related to housing or health benefits. The ending of the deportation of immigrants who use cannabis.

The MORE Act is a revolutionary bill that would help thousands of people that were impacted by the War on Drugs to finally find freedom and assistance in a variety of ways. Please share the hashtag #WeWantMORE

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