Upscale Cannabis Products

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

More national companies in fashion and beauty retailers are turning to cannabis as it continues to shed its stigma. This began with the addition of the luxury cannabis company Lord Jones that was added to the Sephora skincare lines as the first CBD for the brand to absorb leading many to see that this will be bigger than the dot com boom.

Having watched the growth of several high-quality products over the years, the one that has really taken hold in the Upscale Cannabis Product category is Canndescent which started in 2015 becoming California’s top flower selling brand formed into five signature products: Charge, Connect, Create, Cruise and Calm.

Another area of cannabis products forming is the perfume category from Northern California from Fog and Tree Beard Conditioner and Parfum created with the terpenes from cannabis grown in the Humboldt Triangle.

When dealing with life’s ailments such as hangovers, insomnia, menstrual cramps and more are topical patches made from organically grown hemp and natural ingredients from The Good Patch.

Based on the clean skincare movement with hemp-derived CBD with a deep product line from Lab to Beauty of all-natural vegan products for wellness, bath, body, hair, and face.

When it comes to natural pain-relieving products comes Mary’s Nutritionals which are accurately-dosed transdermal patches, capsules, tinctures, and topicals.

Saint Jane Beauty which was launched by a former Sephora executive comes an award-winning line of beauty products including Beauty Serum, Body Serum, and Lip Gloss.

From the East Coast, this New York City-based beauty brand for using 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging Shea Brand infused with a daisy flower for its CBD line which brightens the skin.


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