Wayv: Digital Compliant Payment Solution for Cannabis Industry

The first digital compliant payment solution produced by Wayv for the cannabis industry. This particular solution for consumers to distributors to growers will reduce the dependency on large amounts of cash by creating a credit card like transaction and is compliant with California’s stringent laws allowing for cannabis companies.

Wayv had already launched its distribution product should be a major force to be reckoned with in the cannabis market. What is distinct about Wayv Payments is that it gives cannabis companies a line of credit without paying any payment fees. This solution provides transparency for customers around payments. The system allows for customers to have taxes and fees computed while enabling customers to see outgoing and incoming payments. It is also able to provide transportation manifests for the cannabis industry.

Wayv’s API allows for the tracking of products from seed to sale which is currently accomplished by teams of staff. The solution helps to ease the burden on operators in a heavily regulatory market.

Wayv is only available in California with the design to easily scale into other markets.

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