Wellness in the Modern Home

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

During the past few years, young people, as well as baby boomers, have been opening their doors to growing stuff indoors as the most recent National Gardening Survey noted a “comeback” of indoor gardening, in particular in cities where citizens living in cramped apartments and tiny balconies. Total Hemp and Cannabis Living staff knows all too well it was due to the indoor gardening push in multiple states for medical cannabis that has created the major push for indoor gardening and increased health consciousness across the country. Urbanites who have dreamed of growing fresh vegetables have opened their doors to cannabis on a whole new realm with modern closet, carbon filtered grow boxes making it no longer a luxury distinct to only a few. Indoor growing kits have gotten more advanced and sleeker-looking to be added to your modern home with technology opening up condensed units able to grow not only vegetables but hemp and cannabis.

Many experts have guided us away from complex kits. Some of the best indoor gardens are ones you can keep by your windowsill and water less than once a week. Knowing exactly what type of plant you will be growing helps in picking the correct system for combined cannabis and indoor vegetable gardener. Many of these systems are completely enclosed creating the perfect temperature-controlled, humidity and lighting. Based on this the following systems have been suggested for indoor home gardening with links on where they can be purchased.

Some of the great systems we will be reviewing over this next month:

- Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0 Grow System

- Cash Crop 6.0

- Growzilla 4.0

- Super Star Grow System

- Perpetual Harvest Hydroponic System

- Niwa One Standard

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