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Why Invest in Cannabis Stocks?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

THC Living Investment Team’s Portfolio is made up of about 20% cannabis stocks. There are several reasons why:

The cannabis industry has grown considerably over the last decade showing its performance as a commodity as well as more states not wanting to miss out on the potential tax revenues the item creates. A simple investment strategy that has worked over the years is “buying low and selling high”. In reference to the cannabis marketplace stock prices have been going lower vs higher. It is expected as the industry matures our portfolio is about buying more and adding more exposure while still holding at 20% portfolio of cannabis stocks.

We have all visited dispensaries in Michigan, Colorado, Massachusetts, and California with over 20 strains on the menu and 10 ‘budtenders’ behind the counter while at least 75 to 100 people are in line with modern sleek interiors and the average purchase being between $200 to $300.

With the MORE Act moving into the next phase of implementation cannabis businesses will be gaining access to traditional financing, small business administration loans, financial services, and more. As more states join legalizing cannabis which will place pressure on the federal government the industry, in general, will take off.