Will Children Use Cannabis More Now in Michigan After Recreational Begins?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

After much discussion with parents and educators alike there is a thought process that when parents are using cannabis, it is very likely that children will potentially have an increased risk of using cannabis.

In a recent study by the JAMA Network, it was stated in their conclusions that if parental cannabis use existed with the increased risk of substance abuse including cannabis and tobacco.

As we develop cannabis education programs we as parents should continue to provide thorough instructions to children of all ages on how cannabis works with the potential side effects if not used carefully. Cannabis today is far different from cannabis of yesteryear with technology upgrades and strains of plants specially selected for their strength and high amounts of various cannabinoids. Parents would do best is providing a thorough holistic and scientific view of cannabis as we begin to see the integration of cannabis into our lives from every angle.

This study was completed by the Journal of American Medical Association.


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