Wright's Ennis House Purchased by Cannabis Power Couple

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Last month one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes - Ennis House - sold for over $18 million by the owners of the luxury cannabis product brand Lord Jones.

The property was purchased by PR executive Cindy Capobianco and her philanthropist husband Robert Rosenheck who are the founders of the luxury beauty line Lord Jones with a product line of cannabis-infused lotions, bath salts, gels, cosmetics, and gumdrops.

After a mere four years from starting their business, Lord Jones was acquired by the publicly-traded Cronos Group for over $300 million to be added to the brands to be sold at places like Sephora, Equinox and other high-end locations.

Once they received their mega millions win, Capobianco and Rosenheck invested a portion of the funds into the Ennis House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and ultimately built by his son in 1924. The most notable Hollywood production that occurred at this location was the famous 1982 movie “Blade Runner.”

The Ennis House is a long-standing Frank Lloyd Wright home going through damage from an earthquake in 1994 and fell into disrepair until Ron Burkle the supermarket billionaire purchased the property for $4.6 million who began the decade long restoration project of the estate. In 2018 the renovated property was placed for sale at a jaw-dropping $23 million.

Even though Burkle invested close to $17 million into the restoration project and the sale of $18 million would look like Burkle took a financial loss on the sale - associates close to Burkle clarified the $17 million repair costs included a $6.5 million FEMA grant and $4.6 million construction loan which was received by the Ennis House Foundation for structural repair. Burkle ultimately walked away in the black.

The Ennis house has over 6,000 square feet of living space which includes the main house and a detached garage/guesthouse. The property sports sleek views over the basin below and panoramic views of the Los Angeles skyline while sitting in the Los Feliz hills.


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